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Getting married? Book a Street Photographer for those candid wedding shots, and here's why!

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You're getting married and you're both very excited but a little overwhelmed with the amount of planning ahead of you. One of all the things to consider is the wedding photographer. You're a young modern couple and you'd like your photos to be natural and capture the true magic of the day. You're browsing through endless wedding photographer websites and keep coming across many posed photos and clichés. Some of those staged photos, if done well, are quite artistic and creative but what you need to remember is this: In years to come, when you look back at those photos, what you'll actually remember from that moment is the photographer directing you to look towards a certain direction, hold your partner in a certain way, holding still till the shot is taken. You'll remember wondering when you'll get back to your guests who are there waiting for you to celebrate your day. (And this is speaking from my own personal experience) While all these photos are beautiful to have, are they really capturing the day's true moments and feelings? Wouldn't it be easier to carry on with your day's normal flow without worrying about where to fit the photo shoot to your timeline? Couldn't all that be done on a different scheduled day where you'll be more relaxed and stress-free? If you're looking for a photographer who will be invisible but present at your most precious wedding day moments, consider booking a street photographer.

Street photographers are discreet and unobtrusive

They won't show up at your wedding dragging a suitcase around filled with camera gear, tripods, and all their lens, blinding you and your guests with flash lights. All of that is unnecessary and it only attracts attention away from the couple. One or two cameras are really enough and it enables the photographer to move around freely and blend in with the guests, unnoticed, and take fun and carefree shots of everyone. They will not only capture what the whole wedding day looked like but also what it felt like!

Candid photography is what Street Photographers do best

The whole essence of street photography is capturing reality as it unfolds, without interference. There is no better school for this sort of photography than the streets. This means that they have the skill to observe, predict and capture unique genuine details, such as glances, touches, smiles and feelings, however challenging the circumstances may be. They will recognise and understand the relationship dynamics from these gestures and successfully capture beautiful decisive moments before they forever disappear. They will require very little of your time to get the wedding details together in order to prepare because they are trained to improvise and easily adapt to any environment and quickly find the best light, background, angle and camera settings accordingly. Once you book them, you will forget about them, but they will be there to document it all.

Street Photographers will deliver photos with a pure and timeless feel

You might find the over-processed style of photography appealing, with the heavy vignettes or the increased clarity or super dramatic effects and filters but please remember that these photos don't withstand the test of time. You want images that remain popular and engaging as the years go on. Documentary style wedding photos should be pure and classic, and the images should perfectly match with those in your head, as you remember them on your big day. Over editing is usually a trend between photographers who are just starting out, and while those photos are ok for Instagram or Facebook posts, you want yours to remain true and classy. Street photographers document life as they see it, not as they visualise it with all the post processing afterwards. My advice to you: When hunting for photographers, look for the ones who can preserve your precious memories, deliver classic imagery in high quality with a keen sense of aesthetics, colours and contrasts, and with a touch of romantic and cinematic styling.

Remember, when the wedding is over, all you are left with is your significant other and your wedding photos. Make sure you've made the right decision in both cases!

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