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Spotlight Dublin - Acting, casting & auditions. (A behind-the-scenes photo documentary)

Spotlight Dublin, Angie Pappas Constable photography

I was invited to photo-document a day in Spotlight, Dublin. Spotlight is a well known medium that connects performers with roles in theater, television and film productions. They provide their actors with support and the right tools to get cast and help casting directors to find the right performer for every role. Their Dublin offices are in Bow street. I'm now a registered photographer for Spotlight, and I'm available for actors' & performers' head shots as well as Unit Stills photography.

As a film lover I find the film industry fascinating, so it was a a great experience to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes and see what Casting Directors do and how they coach their actors. The actors, on this session, were already very talented and versatile, and their performance was guided and tweaked by Casting professional, Alison Crosbie, who had incredible advice to give to each actor. Everything was covered in those 3-4 hours in the studio; from posture to eye movement and focusing tips, from expressions and gestures to voice control and tones. It was all truly fascinating.

Now for the technical stuff. The studio was dimly lit with all the main light focusing on the actors. The walls were grey, a colour that worked great for the spot-lighted subjects and their skin tones. I did the shoot with a fujifilm x100t, without flash, using classic chrome film simulator, and all done only in jpg. The silent shutter was a must as I didn't want to distract anyone from their performance. It was the first time I got to test this camera properly, and I was delighted with the results, as they barely needed any post processing done.

This is a small gallery from the day, but make sure you check out the full gallery too! Click on the photos to view them enlarged, and don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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