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John's Query - Contemporary dance photography

John's Query - Contemporary Dance Limerick

I had the privilege to photograph a contemporary dance performance in a beautiful venue, Limerick's St. John's Square. When I arrived, the dancers Angie Smalis, Colin Gee and Mark Carberry were getting ready for their rehearsal. I found their costumes to be extremely creative and once on stage, they blended with their environment and gave it life with their performance. The venue was dimly lit with a highlighted stage which gave me amazing contrasts and shadows to work with. I had done another shoot in the past in this venue with 2 of the dancers, for contemporary dance performance 'Lenore', but I found that there was a different dynamic and balance with the three of them on the stage. There were more options to compose the photos, more angles and triangle formations to frame. Here are a few photos from the night, but do make sure to check out the full gallery in the link below.



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