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Welcome to my blog! So, what's all this about?

Angie Pappas Constable taking a photo of herself in the mirror, self portrait.

Starting a blog can be very intimidating, especially when it's your very first post, and especially when you feel you're a little late to the party. But better late than never, right? I will use this space to write about my passion. And my passion is anything that has to do with photography and visual stimulation. Candid photography will be mentioned quite often; I am extremely fond of natural and relaxed subjects, due to my street photography influences. I will be sharing many things with you, links, experiences, insights, tributes and interviews, photo editing, tips, photo projects and stories behind them, photo-walks, film camera reviews and so on. I will soon begin my first darkroom adventures and that should be a challenge to look forward to and to write (or even laugh) about. Everything will be open to discussion and comments. Come on board and join me on this journey! Remember to subscribe so you don't miss an update!

Here's a bit about me. My name's Angie Pappas Constable and I'm addicted to photography. I have at least 2 cameras on me at all times. Anything I lay my eyes on is a potential photo.

Angie Pappas Constable
Angie Pappas Constable

I'm from Patras, Greece. I was born in New York, and I'm currently based in Dublin. I'm a mom, a DJ, an interior decorator & designer, and a dreamer. I love DIY, big cities, people watching and all things visual, and I'm a huge street photography enthusiast. If you'd like to find out more about me, what I do, why I do it and where, click here.

Friends of mine had suggested I should start a blog a while ago, as the best way to pass on some of my enthusiasm about photography to others who may want to understand it more. It gives me pleasure to be finally able to follow these suggestions, the time felt right. I managed to gather enough material, experiences and confidence for this. Besides, blogging is known to provide you with the ultimate freedom of writing about whatever it is you're passionate about, in a fun and relaxed way. What is more therapeutic than that? Thanks to street photography I discovered a lot of things about myself and what I can do. It also opened many doors for me, I'm now getting to do some professional art, event and candid photography work, so I needed to get my website done to showcase my work and print out business cards. It took nearly 2 months of constant tweaking, but finally designed the website myself, something I would never have imagined myself doing 4 months ago. And I thought I'd hold on to that creative high and push myself further to the next step; to start a blog and this way share with you my entire journey up to now, and from now on.

Photography is the medium that we all, here, have in common. Whether we're just interested in it or use it as a hobby or professionally even, we should regard it as a never ending learning process. Here's hoping we support each other, we learn from our mistakes, we build on our successes and most of all we share all of our learning with each other. If you think you'll enjoy this blog, I’d be grateful if you’d help it spread, by emailing it to a friend or sharing it onto your favourite social media platform. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you!

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