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About me


I'm Greek, born in New York in 1976, a time and place of great visual stimulation and cultural variation which marked my early years. I loved observing people and I loved details. When I moved to Greece I experimented with various forms of art. I studied Interior Design and Decoration. I taught English as a foreign language for 17 years and at the same time, I did paintings, murals, wire sculptures and mosaic art for shops, bars & restaurants. I moved to Dublin in 2010 and began using a camera as the best way to record all the differences I saw around me in lifestyle, weather, buildings & people and present them to my family and friends back home.



This magical medium soon became an addiction. I would take many photos daily with any means available. It was after my son was born when I got my first digital camera. After witnessing how quickly he grew and changed over the first few years I became obsessed with capturing as many moments as I could to keep them forever remembered. I realised I could remember the stories behind hundreds of photos I've taken, from years ago, down to the last detail. That passion of freezing time evolved and went from family snaps, initially, to capturing the world around me and making sense of it. There is so much beauty that goes unnoticed because it's either taken for granted or quickly drowned out within the speed of daily life. Photography has been therapeutic because it taught me to slow down, become more observant, build my self-esteem and connect with my environment. It has changed my entire outlook on life. I can't imagine what my life would be like without it.


Street Photography

I had been taking candid shots of people for quite a while before I knew anything about street photography. I completed a street photography course, became an administrator for the 'Street Photography Ireland' group on FB, and later joined ISPG (Irish Street Photography Group). I exhibited some of my street photography work in group exhibitions, in Dublin. In Sol Art Gallery (2015), Filmbase (2016), In-Spire Gallerie (2016) and Camden Palace, Cork (2017). I was selected by to join their collective of street photographers. I find Joel Meyerowitz and Garry Winogrand’s work fascinating especially from the 70s & 80s NY, as it revives all my early childhood memories.

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